3 Apps We Are Loving Right Now

If you can imagine it there is probably an app for it! Our household has some favorites we think you would also enjoy so we are sharing them with you today. 

1. Know what I literally hate doing? Brushing our kids teeth...It's 4 minutes of the most boring thing I could possibly think of doing.  The only redeeming part is that I get to stare at my girls up close in a funny angle.

We recently came across this cool podcast called Chompers.
 It's a 2 minute episode that basically has fun themes and the people narrate / guide the kids to brush their own teeth and get every section.

2. If you do not have the PBS Kids app yet you are missing out. There are two options. PBS Games which is appropriate for your little learner and will help them build skill sets.Think preschool but on your phone/tablet.

 Then PBS Videos app which is so easy to navigate by which character they want to watch. Seriously, my 2 year old can navigate this app. You can also download videos for free if you are worried about data access/use.

3.  New to our family is a podcast known as Koko Sleep. This is a podcast with original bedtime stories and meditations for children. They are super relaxing to listen to and my kids are falling asleep so well to them. 



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