Ways to Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle This Earth Day With the Help of the Whole Family

Ways to Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle This Earth Day With the Help of the Whole Family

Ways to Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle This Earth Day With the Help of the Whole Family

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of reducing their waste and how they can help the environment. This means choosing to recycle or reuse items instead of throwing them away. Keep reading for tips on what you can do as a family to help reduce your carbon footprint. 

Avoid Buying Disposable Items

Plastic plates, utensils, cups, and other disposable items may be convenient to use but have a negative impact on the environment. This is both at their creation and disposal. 

To reduce your waste, you should start by reducing the packaging you bring into your home. Also, reducing the disposable items you buy will save you money, all while helping the environment. 

Use Reusable Drinking Cups

Don’t drink your water from plastic bottles, or get your coffee in a foam cup. These are taxing on the environment when they are made and just get tossed in landfills. Instead, use a container that you can wash and reuse. The upfront cost may be higher, but you will save in the long run.

Learn to Mend

Another way of reducing the amount of waste you produce is to learn to mend your items. Whether replacing a button or letting out a hem so you can keep using the item, mending and repairing your clothing will keep more items out of the landfill. It will also give you a sense of accomplishment as this skill is not commonly used. 

Consider Unconventional Ways of Clothing Yourself

Instead of purchasing new clothing, start thrifting. This is a great way to find clothing at lowered prices. This is especially true when you have children because they grow so fast. Many times, parents sell or donate clothes their children have outgrown, so there are plenty of options in second-hand stores. 

Another option to consider that is gaining popularity is renting or hiring clothing. This is a fantastic way to get a variety of styles for half the cost. It will also help you keep a fresh wardrobe. 


Practicing a few better-for-the-environment habits will help your family feel like they are a team with a common goal. The above are just some ways you and your family can contribute to a better planet.



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