Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fun crafts with your kids. You’ll keep them entertained and get some one-of-a-kind art to fill up your home – or to give to loved ones. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts to get you started. Follow these ideas as they are, or add your own creativity to them.

Heart Stamps with a Toilet Paper Roll

Take an old toilet paper tube and turn it into a heart-shaped stamp. Then, grab some paint and paper and let your kids let their artistic side show. You can easily add this stamp to most of the other crafts on this list. How do you get the empty toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart? Start by flattening it so that there is a crease on each side. Then, push one crease in to create a heart. Put a piece of tape over the top bumps of the heart to keep it in place. From there, kids of any age can use it as a stamp. It’s an especially great idea for toddlers.

Candy Heart Decorations

Buy a large bin of candy hearts and have your kids glue them onto whatever item you decide. Cut out a large heart shape and have them glue the mini hearts on it. Or cut out the letters “X” and “O.” Or find a boring picture frame that your kids can decorate.

Friendship Bracelet Cards

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love. It’s also about the love we have for friends and family. This makes it the perfect time to make some friendship bracelets. To make the bracelets even better, have your kids make cards for their friends that feature a hand on the front. Then, cut out strategic slits on either side of the hands’ wrists and attach the friendship bracelet. Your kids will have 3D cards to give their friends, along with a long-lasting memento of their friendship.

Adapt It

Of course, you can also adapt this idea to any other type of bracelet. Have your kids make beaded bracelets for friends or loved ones in pink and red. Then, attach them to cards to make a complete gift.

Paper Heart Wreath

If you have a lot of construction paper on hand, you can easily make a wreath out of several pieces folded into hearts. All you need is strips of construction paper, a stapler, and some ribbon to hang it up. To turn the strips of paper into hearts, fold them in half, then curve the open ends inward and staple them in place. Once you have a few hearts, staple them together at their sides to form a circle.

Now you just have to decide which Valentine’s Day craft to do with your kids first!


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