Trick or Treating Pep Talk

Trick or Treating Pep Talk

The nostalgia that is dressing up and trick or treating is throwing us all back to our 90's self. In fact, I can distinctly remember my conservative mom letting me (a 4th grade girl at the time) wear a french maid costume with heels and a feather duster... I look back at those pictures in such disbelief. 

Things aren't what they once were. Childhood looks different now. Trusting the neighbors handing out bags of popcorn isn't always the best. Bobbing for apples with neighbors is a little frowned upon for obvious reasons. 

BUT with all of the things that have changed for us as parents, we can still find ways to enjoy the season with our kids. We get to help them create their own memories that they will cherish.

We have compiled some quick reminders on staying safe this Halloween season. These are good reminders to talk about in the car before you embark on your trick or treating journey. To set ourselves up for success, our children need to know the expectations and boundaries.  

TIP 1: Walk Don't Run- easier said than done when you have excited little ones. Reminding kids to WALK by using the word "WALK" will go further than the phrase "don't run." Children omit the "don't" when listening so it's best to simply give the command "WALK" as a reminder to walk and not run. 

TIP 2: Gather Your Tribe- Doing the trick or treating things in a group is best. There is safety in numbers. Sketchy people usually steer clear of groups and you are more easily seen on the road. Gather your friends/family and develop a trick or treating tradition together.

TIP 3: Let There Be Light- Staying with a group helps you be seen on the road but you can also grab a roll of reflective tape and put tape on costumes, buckets, bags, strollers, etc etc etc. You could carry a flashlight for added light. Also, a lot of local balloon places will make helium balloons  with little lights inside that you can attach to wrists, buckets, strollers as well for extra visibility on Halloween night. 

TIP 4: Treat Scrutiny- You know the drill. It is best not to eat homemade treats and it is wise to sort through your child's candy for anything that looks suspicious. Also consider things like choking hazards and allergies. 

TIP 5: Costume Safety- When you consider costume safety consider the amount your child will need to walk and move in their costume. Make sure your child can easily breathe if there is headgear or a mask involved. Also if your child is wearing makeup you will want to be sure to choose safe/sensitive skin makeup and take it off as soon as possible to prevent skin irritations.


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