You can do hard things!

Yes, being a parent is just one of those hard things.

You have gotten this far and though you may feel like you're not always thriving, you are surviving, and that's enough.

You are doing the best you can for yourself, and your kids!

Remember the community you have, or think about the community you want to build, and do it.

Ask for help, order those cure clothes online, eat that pizza, own your power, and have more fun.

Don't forget that you are a BOSS.

❤️ Jacqueline G

My top 4 parenting hacks / advice

Hack 1
Self love isn't selfish, it’s important. Too many times as parents we feel like we can’t do anything for ourselves or because society tells us we shouldn’t. Let me just tell you…that’s BS. Taking care of yourself means you can in turn be a better parent, and partner. Taking care of your mental health is one of the most important things you can do for you, and the people around you.

Hack 2
Ask for help. Just do it. I personally am a very prideful person and think that I can be superwomen sometimes and just do everything myself. Well, that’s just not true. When I ask for help, there is a weight lifted off my shoulders and I am able to manage my house, family, and personal mindset better. It makes things soooo much easier when you get over that hump.

Hack 3
Whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone. I promise. I can guarantee you that there is somebody in this world or this parent community that is going through something similar to you. I have to remind myself of that often. Sometimes as parents we feel like we are on our own island, but we’re not. Remember that.

Hack 4
What you feed your kid(s) doesn’t determine how good of a parent you are. There are so many times where we feel like if we feed our kids chicken nuggets and mac & cheese that we are not good parents. Sometimes we just need to get by and get through the day and feeding them those things does not determine how good of a parent you are. In our society and through social media we are pushed to feed our kids the best of the best all the time. Sometimes that is just not possible based on the kind of day you’ve had, or maybe your financial situation. I know that you were doing your best and know that there is absolutely zero judgment from me.

7 questions about my journey

When did you become a parent?

In March of 2017! To my son Andre.

How was the 1st night home with your first child?

The first night at home was fine…it’s those 2nd and 3rd nights that really get you. Learning to feed, and trying to figure out what your baby wants when they’re crying. Some moments were so hard, then stacking 0 sleep on top of that. Sheesh!

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

I think the hardest but most rewarding thing about being a parent is watching your kids grow. I am the type of parent that wants my kids to be small forever so seeing them get older and do new things can be tough for me. It is so fun to watch them grow and thrive but I literally cry every single birthday because I cannot believe that we got to this point where they are not just babies but toddlers. I try to embrace every growing moment and remind myself that in every stage they are going to be doing great things.

What is a super power you wish you had?

I wish I could just snap my fingers and my house would be clean. Or my laundry would be done. Sometimes it’s those little things that just take it over the top as far as being overwhelmed. Adulting is hard work.

Where is your favorite family vacation spot?

We have not done many family vacations yet but as a kid I always went to Disneyland and that is something that I cannot wait to do with my kids!

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddo(s)?

My favorite thing to do with my kids is to play outside in the summer. We can be out there all day playing with water balloons and eating popsicles. Living our best lives.

How do you keep yourself sane with the stress of parenthood?

If you haven’t noticed already I am a big self care advocate. And I think taking care of your mental health is one of the most important things you can do as a person. So some things that help me get through the stress of parenthood is having things to look forward to. Whether that be going on a date with my husband, hanging out with friends, doing my nails, baking, or watching my favorite show. I schedule things out so I can have those things to look forward to through the week.

Here are my personal favorites...

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