Keep your head up, have a good attitude and love on your babies.

Cupkin Friends,

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Supporting Cupkin and their products is something I am very passionate about. 

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I am sure a lot of us go into parenting not knowing exactly what to expect.

One thing is for sure, that there is no one better for your baby.

So, keep your head up, have a good attitude and love on your babies.

These moments don't last forever.

While on your parenting journey, collect and utilize some of Cupkin's amazin products!

Ken 😊

My top 4 parenting hacks / advice

Hack 1
Take a sleep training course!

Hack 2
Baby led weaning is cheaper than buying baby food and very normal!

Hack 3
NEVER forget the binky!

Hack 4
Soak up EVERY moment.

7 questions about my journey

When did you become a parent?

I became a mom when I was 22 years old.

How was the 1st night home with your first child?

The 1st night home with our daughter went amazing. Nothing like I expected.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

Taking disciplinary action when needed.

What is a super power you wish you had?


Where is your favorite family vacation spot?

Honestly, anywhere with a view!

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddo(s)?

Sensory activities or walks!

How do you keep yourself sane with the stress of parenthood?

ALWAYS take “me” time and forever date your significant other! If you have to literally write it down in your calendar or agenda, DO IT!

Here are my personal favorites...

Hope you like them too!