You and only you. You are enough. You are uniquely equipped.

Hi there,

On Instagram, where I spend a fair amount of time, I see lots of videos from moms like me, assuring me that "I am enough."

Some days I doubt this. Because as a mom I'm wearing all these different hats, hacking my way through new stages in my kids' lives, and some days just surviving on coffee, deep breaths and prayer.

But there is so much truth to that statement: "You are enough."

I beleive that God made you for the little humans you're raising.

You and only you. You are enough. You are uniquely equipped.

And you have a trustworthy mom (or dad) instinct.

On the days that you doubt, I suggest you take a break to read a book with your kids, cuddle on the couch, renew your connection with them.

It's a small thing with a big impact and it can reset your day and refresh your mindset,

Thanks for reading,

My top 4 parenting hacks / advice

Hack 1
Read books together! When you cuddle together and read aloud, you create strong connections with your kids. Reading aloud can reset a rough day and give you a boost of confidence that you're doing just fine.

Hack 2
Offer choices. Especially with toddlers and preschoolers, who are pushing boundaries and exerting their independence, I've found that this can save time and energy. Let them choose their clothes, their snack, or their TV show from a small set of options (maybe 3, preselected by you). It helps them feel more in control and helps you to not lose your mind when they're trying to make small, day-to-day decisions.

Hack 3
Take deep breaths. When I feel like I'm going to snap at my kids or raise my voice, I close my mouth and take a deep breath--through the nose and out the mouth. I have found this makes the difference between speaking harshly and speaking calmly.

Hack 4
Take time for yourself. This doesn't have to be extravagant. Try taking a hot bath, buying a snack that's just for you (I suggest coffee ice cream topped with crushed Kit Kat), or listening to a podcast while you make dinner. Small things like this help feel refreshed.

7 questions about my journey

When did you become a parent?

On Mother's Day 2016.

How was the 1st night home with your first child?

The first night at home was so hard. I slept very little, and jumped at every stir and sound the baby made.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

One of the things I struggle with the most is knowing when to help my kids and when to let them figure things out on their own.

What is a super power you wish you had?

My mom always tells us how she'd sleep sitting up with us laying on her when we were sick. She could easily sleep through the night in a chair. I totally think this is a super power, and I wish I'd inherited it from her. When my kids are sick and just want to cuddle with mama, I just don't really sleep.

Where is your favorite family vacation spot?

Not sure yet! Since our kids are still so little, we haven't vacationed much. In the near future, we want to purchase a camper, and hopefully have many adventures hauling that around to new places.

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddo(s)?

Read books! Am I repeating myself? But really, I find it relaxing and we enjoy discovering new books together. It's always a delightful experience to see how they react to a book and to help them make connections to our own lives and to the world around us.

How do you keep yourself sane with the stress of parenthood?

I try to do small things for myself that feel special or refreshing (see my parenting hacks above).

Here are my personal favorites...

Hope you like them too!