5 Things To Make A Spring Tea Party Extra Fun For Kids

5 Things To Make A Spring Tea Party Extra Fun For Kids

The warmth of spring is finally on its way, but little ones are still cooped up indoors on rainy days. Help them pass the time on those gloomy days with a celebration of spring, and create an indoor tea party!

To create a spring-themed tea party fit for a fairy princess, you’ll need the following items:

  1.       Cupkin Magical World Sticker Book!

First, you’ll need to set the scene with some colorful decorations! This awesome activity book contains over 500 vibrant stickers that include flowers, sugar fairies, mermaids, and more! Kids can use these easy-to-peel stickers to decorate tea cups, party invitations, notebooks, or even their tea party attire! There are also 12 different scene pages so kids can design magical worlds within the book for easy cleanup.

  1.       Tea Set

A shatter-proof child-friendly tea set is essential, of course! The brighter and happier the colors, the better. You can make plain tea sets prettier with stickers and glitter. Serve stuffed animal friends cookies and imaginary tea in style!

  1.       Princess Crowns And Fairy Wands

No tea party would be complete without the proper accessories! Dress your little one and their guests in sparkly fairy wings, jeweled crowns, glittering wands, and anything else that can make their party feel extra magical.

  1.       Spring Flowers

No matter what the weather is like outside, you can’t celebrate spring without flowers. Cover the tea table and the room with pretty paper bouquets and daisy chains. Craft colorful flowers, like daffodils and roses, out of rainbow tissue paper or construction paper. Kids can even use the Cupkin Magical World Sticker Book to make the flowers and other decorations extra festive. The best part is that they’ll last through every season.

  1.       Fairy Friends

Finally, don’t forget to invite best friends, siblings, and all your child’s favorite toys to this cheerful springtime celebration! Cute fairy dolls can be placed around the room to make it feel like they’re sitting in an enchanted garden. The more the merrier!

The Cupkin Magical Worlds Sticker Book offers little ones hours of fun, rain or shine. Whether you use them to dress up an imaginative indoor jubilee, or let kids have some creative quiet time after school, they're sure to get lost in their own magical world.

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