Cute And Healthy Springtime Snacks For Kids!

Cute And Healthy Springtime Snacks For Kids!

Celebrate spring with cute themed snacks that kids will love! These celery and cheese bugs are not only fun, but they’re healthy and super easy to put together. Cheese ladybugs, pretzel butterflies, and swirly cheese snails are sure to help your kiddo eat and enjoy more veggies. 

4 sticks celery

2 Tbsp smooth peanut butter – Substitute with any seed butter, cream cheese, or jam if your child has allergies or dietary restrictions. 

7 Babybel Mini Rolls – This will make 2 ladybugs and 5 celery snails, so adjust the amount according to how many of each you’d like to make. 

10 mini pretzels

20 candy eyeballs

Cheese Ladybugs Instructions:
To make two ladybugs, use two of the Babybel Mini Rolls. Remove the outer wrapper from the cheese, leaving the wax layer intact.
Using a small round cookie cutter, or sharp paring knife, cut a semicircle from one side of the wax for the head and remove the wax, leaving the cheese intact.
Cut a sharp triangle from the wax, point side towards the semi-circle you just removed. This will form the wings.
Using the end of a drinking straw, punch dots from the wax wings and remove.
Add two of the wax dots back onto the cheese in the head area to form the eyes.


Celery Snails and Butterflies Instructions:
Cut the celery into 10 pieces, around 4-5cm long.
Cut a slice from the round side of each piece of celery so that they won’t tip over.
Fill each piece of celery with peanut butter, seed butter, or cream cheese.
Unwrap the Babybel Mini Rolls and push each one into a peanut butter filled celery stalk. Add two candy eyeballs on the end to create the snails.
For the butterflies, push two pretzels into a peanut butter filled celery stalk for butterfly wings, and add two candy eyeballs to finish. Serve immediately and enjoy!


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