Encourage Your Child’s Goals And Interests With A Colorful Vision Board

Encourage Your Child’s Goals And Interests With A Colorful Vision Board

Vision boards are an excellent way to encourage your child’s creativity and help them to dream big about their future! Get your kids excited and thinking about their personal goals, interests, and passions with a super fun project you can do with them. By taking time out of your busy schedules to do something together, you’ll build a closer bond.

There’s really no wrong way to make a vision board, and the materials your child chooses may vary depending on how they want it to look or what they want to include. 

Materials you’ll need plus supplies to make it extra colorful and fun: 

Poster board
Old magazines
Printed photos

Once you’ve collected all of your materials, it’s time to create! Cut out pictures from books or magazines that represent things they want or aspire to, or print out pictures of specific things from the internet. Make a collage on your poster board by gluing the images down and adding inspirational words or phrases. Add glitter and stickers (like from Cupkin’s Occupations & Jobs sticker book) to make it extra colorful and fun! No matter what your child puts on the board, it’ll be a one-of-a-kind project that should spark their enthusiasm and joy.

Vision boards have many benefits. They can initiate new, deeper conversations about your child’s interests, and give you insight into what’s important to them. You may discover your child is curious about a new hobby you didn’t know about. Most importantly, it will serve as a daily reminder of what their big goals and passions are, so they’ll feel inclined to do something every day to work towards them.

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