Preparing Your Child for the School Year After Winter Break

Preparing Your Child for the School Year After Winter Break

Winter break is a wonderful time for kids—a much-needed break from homework and tests. But, when it's time to go back to school, the transition can be a bit of a shock. To ensure that your child is ready to jump right back into the swing of things when they return to school after winter break, there are a few simple steps you can take. 

Create a Daily Schedule and Get Organized 

Creating a schedule will help ease your child back into their regular routine. Try setting up bed and wake times that mimic their school week as closely as possible. This will help them adjust more quickly once they're back in the classroom. If your child has trouble getting out of bed after winter break, try setting the alarm on their phone or having them practice getting up at the same time each morning during vacation. 

Establish A Study Space to Promote Focused Learning Time 

Help your child prepare for upcoming tests and assignments by establishing an area where they can study and focus on their work. Designating this space encourages academics outside of school hours, which will become even more important when classes resume after winter break. Make sure that this area is free from distractions like TVs and video games so that studying becomes a more natural process for your child when they return to school.  

Eliminate Bad Habits to Support Success!

Winter break is also a great time to get rid of any bad habits your child may have picked up throughout the semester—like procrastination or relying too heavily on electronics for entertainment. Instead, try encouraging activities like reading or playing board games with friends to keep them busy over vacation while still learning new skills and having fun!

 Preparing your child for life after winter break doesn't have to be difficult! By creating a schedule, establishing a study space, and eliminating bad habits before classes resume, you can make sure that returning to school isn't such a shock for them (or you!). With these simple steps in place, your child will be ready to dive back into their studies with ease!

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