Start Planning These Fun Budget-Friendly Springtime Activities

Start Planning These Fun Budget-Friendly Springtime Activities

When spring arrives and the weather starts to warm back up, you will suddenly find yourself with plenty of budget-friendly activities that let you and your family enjoy the outdoors. Here are some ideas to start planning the budget-friendly activities you’ll do with your kids.

Go on a Hike

Hiking is one of the simplest yet most fun outdoor activities. You can easily find a hiking trail appropriate for your kids, regardless of their age. You can even turn a hike into an educational experience and teach your kids about the plants you see along the way. Or make a bingo card of plants for them to check off as they see.

Start a Garden

These gardens tend to be fairly affordable to start, and if you’re successful, they can save you a lot of money on vegetables later on. As a bonus, growing your own veggies will encourage your kids to eat their vegetables.

Or Go to a Farmer’s Market or Local Garden

Don’t have room to grow a garden? Consider taking your kids to a farmer’s market instead. If you don’t buy anything, it’s free and you may even get free samples. Or you can plan your budget and just buy a few items.

Another option is to take your kids to a local garden. Botanical gardens may be out of your budget, but they will likely have occasional discounts. And there are probably some smaller gardens in your area with cheap or free admission.


You can volunteer any time of the year, but it is sometimes easier to find opportunities in the springtime. Find a local organization that you and your kids care about and see how you can help. As a bonus, this will help teach your kids to help others from a young age.

Find a Petting Zoo or Farm

While you may have to pay for admission, most petting zoos and farms are fairly affordable to visit. Some even offer free admission. It’s a great way to have fun while teaching your kids about animals and expanding their experiences.

Plan a Water Balloon Fight

You will want to wait until the weather warms up a bit, but a water balloon fight is a classic, affordable activity. For younger kids, skip the water balloon “fight” and just throw the balloons on the ground to see how they splash.

Paint Rocks

This springtime activity is budget-friendly and lets your kids show off their creative side. Find some nice rocks on a walk or hike. Then, bring them home and paint them. From there, you can give the painted rocks as gifts or leave them somewhere to spread joy.

Check the Library Schedule

The library is an amazing resource for free activities. Most libraries will have something scheduled for their younger members. You can get an afternoon of fun or even find a new hobby.

The Takeaway

When spring arrives, your options for budget-friendly family activities expand dramatically. You can still visit museums or the library, but you can also enjoy the outdoors by hiking or gardening.


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