5 Minute Moments

5 Minute Moments

I once heard a successful business mom say her business was built in 5 minute time blocks. To me that sounds insane because I like to have an hour+ blocked off to feel like I can work efficiently. However, the reality is a lot of 5 minute moments build up. As parents I think there is a lot to glean from this concept. 

If we are being honest we all fight off parent guilt at some level and in some way. 

BUT what if we choose to combat that guilt in 5 minute moments throughout the day.

We all know 5 minutes is minuscule when looking at the big picture. What if we add 5 minutes to the morning routine to slow and sit with our child while they eat breakfast. What if we sat down and read one book together for 5 minutes instead of clearing the calendar for 30 minutes to read to our little one.

 Finding 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there to be intentional with our children is much easier than feeling the need to block large chunks of time off to devote to them throughout the day. I am not saying there isn’t value in those large time chunks but I am saying we should recognize the quick touch point moments can be just as impactful to our young ones. It is certainly better than not having touch points throughout the day at all because the schedule was too full.

I would encourage you to give it a try this week. If you work away from home try for a 5 minute touch point in the morning and a touch point before and after dinner in the evening. If you stay home with your littles you may think you get all the TOUCH POINTS but you know there is still the guilt that they aren’t getting your full attention. Try to get a distraction free 5 minutes in with them in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can do it! 

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