Animal Habitat Activity Guide

Animal Habitat Activity Guide

We created our Animal Habitat Activity Guide to help you take our Animal Habitat sticker book and generate an educational adventure from the comfort of your home. Do as much or a little as you desire but the resource is here for you to explore. Each of the 12 scenes from the sticker book have been broken down into fun, educational bite size pieces for you and your little one.

We have incorporated movement, experiments, crafting, singing and even poetry into this collection. Shout out to one of our fellow moms who helped us put this together: Kayla. If you are gifted in an area and want to collaborate with us let us know at

The Animal Habitat sticker and coloring book combo boasts 500+ stickers and 12 scenes to make magic with. As with all of our activity books it features a side by side design. This sticker book is great for ages 2-10. You as the parent can enhance the experience as much or as little as you desire but if you want to take it to the next level in connecting with your kiddo we have your back!

 Example of the activity guide:


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