A lot of people don't know what or  why people in the U.S. celebrate 5 de Mayo (contrary to popular belief, it is not Mexico’s Independence Day), and typically Mexicans don't celebrate 5 de Mayo in Mexico. So why do we celebrate 5 de Mayo in America? Let's dive into a little bit of history to find out the reasons. 

5 de Mayo in Mexico

5 de Mayo in Mexico is known as the Battle of Puebla (May 5, 1862).

It is the day when Mexicans attempted to reconstruct the country after an internal 3 years war (Reform War). Without an established army, most of the Mexicans in this battle were farmers, without proper weapons, yet were determined to defeat the French army (in that time it was considered the best, and most feared army in the world, as they had the most experience in wars).

France decided to invade Mexico despite having an agreement between the two countries; France knew the country was very weak because of this inside war going on in Mexico, and they considered themselves superior, so they thought it was going to be an easy task. But they had a secret intention as well: keep moving north, so they could invade the U.S., knowing they were a strong country with the best army in the world - they were planning to conquer both countries.

But what a surprise for them, when general Ignacio Zaragoza, with small numbers on his side, and an army considered inferior in comparison, defeated in that battle the greatest and most feared army in the world.

5 de Mayo in the U.S

United States feared that France would be able to continue North (if they conquered Mexico), because this would mean a war between them and France, especially since the French army was considered superior and the greatest of all, this would mean the U.S. could be conquered again.

When the U.S. government heard about how Mexico defeated the French in that battle, they celebrated, and declared it a day to be remembered (this meant France wasn't able to advance and attack them). Since then el 5 de Mayo is celebrated through the U.S.

But this celebration got bigger in the XX century, when the breweries made big advertisements to celebrate this day with mexican food and beer, targeting the immigrants/hispanics the most.

And that is why el 5 de Mayo is celebrated in the U.S. with delicious mexican food like tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, pozole, etc.



Who doesn't think that mexican food is the most delicious food in the whole world? 

Well I'll give you 3 recipes that you can make to celebrate this 5 de Mayo.


Green Salsa with Pineapple

We all love those delicious asada tacos, with onion and cilantro…yum!

Try this delicious green salsa that I know will become a must every time you have tacos.

You'll need:

  • Jalapenos
  • Onion
  • Tomatillo
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • pineapple

Boil some water and add the jalapenos, onion, tomatillo. Once they're ready, blend them adding a little bit of the pineapple. Add pepper and salt to taste. Cut remaining pineapple and cilantro into small pieces, add it to your salsa and it is ready!


You can add this salsa to your tacos to give them that extra yummy touch or use a dip for your chips; we promise you'll love it!

Strawberry Horchata

Give a fun and delicious twist to the famous horchata…


  • Rice
  • Cinnamon
  • Evaporated milk
  • Water
  • Vanilla
  • sugar/condensed milk
  • Strawberries

Leave the rice in water for the whole night (or some hours if you forget to leave it at night). Then blend it with cinnamon, strain it and add the evaporated milk, vanilla, sugar or condensed milk and some strawberries, blend it again.


Once it is ready, pour it in a jar with ice and small pieces of strawberry and enjoy!


We all have different ways of making guacamole - here is my version of one of the most popular ways to use avocados:

Mash some avocados, add mexican cream, squeeze lemon or lime juice in it, mix it. Then add (pico de gallo) jalapeno or serrano, tomato, onion, cilantro (all of it cut in small pieces), adding salt and pepper and mix it.


It is ready to enjoy with chips or with your favorite tacos.


I hope you try and enjoy these recipes this 5 de Mayo.

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