Plan a Day of Bird Watching With a Bird Sticker Book

Plan a Day of Bird Watching With a Bird Sticker Book

Plan a Day of Bird Watching With a Bird Sticker Book

There are a dozen different activities you can do with the Cupkin Bird Stickers and Sticker Activity Book. From tropical birds to songbirds, there is something for everyone between the pages. Consider the following four activities when planning a fun day with a bird sticker book.


Hiking and Bird Spotting

Pick a day with nice weather and pack your binoculars and sticker book. Then, head out for a hike. This is a fantastic way to spend the day together, spotting birds in their natural habitat. You can spend the afternoon with family and friends looking for birds on the sticker book. It is an activity that everyone can participate in and get more in tune with nature. 

Taking a Trip to the Zoo

Another way to plan an outing around your bird sticker book is to take a trip to the zoo. This is a wonderful way to spot the birds bound between the pages of your sticker book in a semi-natural habitat. Before going, spend a couple of hours flipping through the pages of your activity book, discussing which birds you might see and which ones you are excited to learn more about. 

Go to a Nature Center With Your Sticker Book

Another way to spend an afternoon with your loved ones, bird watching with your sticker book is to take a trip to the nature center. A little different than a hike in the woods, a nature center often has a couple of habitats for you to walk through. This may be a bog and swamp, grasslands, and some wetlands. This provides more area to discover these beautiful birds in their homes. 

Identify Rare Birds

There will certainly be some birds in your sticker book that are not easy to find in their natural habitat or even in the zoo. This provides an opportunity to make some reports on the birds that you are least likely to see. Go through the sticker book and identify species you don’t think will be found in any of your activities. Then, make a presentation on their habitats and other important details after spending time online researching rare and exotic birds. 

No matter how you choose to enjoy the Cupkin bird sticker book, there are several activities that will help bring the birds from the book to life for you, your family, and your friends. 


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