Santa's Workshop

Santa's Workshop

Merry all the things. We know that with the warm fuzzy sentiments also comes family friction and at times potentially grief. I don’t know about you but the BEST DAY of Elementary school was art class the week of Christmas break. They called it “Santa’s workshop”. And we would rotate through different holiday craft stations for art class that day.  

We have taken this concept and created a digital library of “stations” for you to enjoy with your family this season:


As we prepare for winter and the holiday season, we find ourselves indoors more and more. We always want that warm and cozy feel in our house so why not make our own winter-scented candles? 

With only 8 simple steps, family time, or alone, candles can simply be made to bring the smell of Christmas alive. All you need is a candle-making soy wax, candle wicks, fragrance oil, a spatula, a heat-proof container, a double boiler, a thermometer, and a pair of pencils. To begin, we measure out how much wax is needed to fill the container you’d like filled and double it. In the double boiler, you allow it to melt for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring frequently. After your wax has melted, add in a few drops of your favorite Christmas scent. Secure the wick into the bottom of your heat-proof container and carefully pour in the liquid wax. Allow the wax to set for four hours, holding the wick with your pencils. Before you know it, you have a home-crafted candle!

Candles are one of the easiest projects you can make and enjoy. Get the kids involved, and let their creativity shine. 



Do you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas? Pack up the kids and head north: Woodstock, Vermont awaits. This tiny town is transformed into a holiday wonderland with historic 19th-century charm. Woodstock is one of the most beautiful towns in the state. 

In Woodstock you will find everything decorated to give anyone the holiday spirit, from neighborhood homes to wood-covered bridges, you’ll find the Christmas gleam in it all. Even Santa couldn’t resist, he sets up at the Townhall Theatre to have cookies and milk with the children. 

This quaint little town is also packed with activities for everyone. Christmas carriage rides through the streets, music events, and Christmas movie festivals are just a few. You can even visit the Billings Farm and Museum to go snowshoeing or make ornaments. 

If you are looking for a day trip or two to recharge your holiday spirit, look no further than Woodstock. 



Cocoa bombs are becoming a holiday staple as this trend continues to grow and grow each year. If you’ve been living underground for the last few years, a cocoa bomb is simply a hollow chocolate sphere filled with dry hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. Add one to your favorite mug with hot water (or milk) and boom! Hot chocolate. 

Kids and adults alike all love the playfulness of cocoa bombs. Cocoa bombs can be made with any high-quality chocolate and any decorations you love. From sprinkles, frosting, and candy canes, anything can be added to this sweet treat. 

Make your own or buy from the local bakery; this warm treat is a great (and fun) addition to your holiday parties for the whole family.



As Christmas is quickly approaching, the cookies are piling up. Why is it that Christmas is associated with so many cookie variations? We continue to bake and bake and bake until there are 30 dozen cookies of various shapes, sizes, and varieties. Does everyone like the same cookie? 

We have sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses, thumbprint, and peanut butter blossom cookies to name a few. Cookies are a staple at every dessert table during the holiday season. 

What is the main reason we prepare cookies for Christmas each year? Well, for Santa of course! Cookies and milk for Santa have been a tradition since the 1700s. And I for one, do not see this changing anytime soon. 


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