Don't forget to do something to take care of you today too, k?!

Hey mamas!

I'm so glad you're here!  I love sharing my favorite things withh you uand I know you love spoiling your babies too!  :)

And hey...don't forget to do something to take care of you today too!  K?!

❤️  Diana

My top 4 parenting hacks / advice

Hack 1
Give yourself some grace! Our babies' and kids' needs change DAILY and we are always learning and growing with them! Let go of perfection and what you "think" you should be doing and go with your heart!

Hack 2
Always be prepared! You can never have enough changes of clothes, wet wipes, diapers/undies, snacks, etc! Pack 2 of everything just in case. ;)

Hack 3
Keep a gratitude journal! Parenting can be tough at times, but jotting down the little things your kids do that you are thankful for helps keep it all in perspective.

Hack 4
Stop. Play. Sit. Relax. Watch the movie again. Read the same book for the 14th time. They're only little once.

7 questions about my journey

When did you become a parent?

When I turned 29.

How was the 1st night home with your first child?

The first night I couldn't believe he was actually there! I was totally the mom checking to see if he was breathing and tallying wet diapers in between feedings in the middle of the night.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

Potty training!!

What is a super power you wish you had?

To protect my children from hurts.

Where is your favorite family vacation spot?

Tybee Island and also Cashiers, NC

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddo(s)?

Go on adventures! We do not "sit still" very well and we tend to stay on the go, especially in the summer! I want to live it up and make all the fun memories so we think of somewhere fun to go almost every day!

How do you keep yourself sane with the stress of parenthood?

Lots of self care! I make time for myself and do not see it as selfish, but necessary for my own mental health. I have a morning routine that consists of prayer, reading, and exercise. That little bit of me time is everything.

Here are my personal favorites...

Hope you like them too!