You've got this!

Hi friends!

As a busy mom trying to wear many hats, sometimes it can be hard to find balance and get that quality family time that is so good for the soul.

One way that we find balance as a family in the day-to-day hustle is to prioritize adventure and make things easy when we can.

We always grow and bond as a family when we're out on an adventure, so I try to plan something to look forward to often — it makes the daily craziness seem manageable by knowing we have some good quality time scheduled.

Making things easy when possible and taking a pause to slow down and simplify when needed has been the best way for me to enjoy daily moments with my kids in between our bigger adventures.

You're doing a great job! Balance is hard, but finding a few things that work makes such a difference.

You've got this!


My top 4 parenting hacks / advice

Hack 1
Always make time for adventures with your family

Hack 2
Traveling is a great skill for kids to learn. Don't be afraid to book that flight, or take that trip. The more you do it, the better you will all become and you'll get to experience so many amazing things together.

Hack 3
Letting kids feel in control of making decisions (that you provide guidelines for) - "do you want to choose this hike or that hike?" has been the best way to compromise.

Hack 4
When you go on adventures as a family, have an easygoing schedule. Plans can change all the time, so starting with a plan but being flexible to where the day takes you keeps everyone happier. Prioritize your day with the top activity you want to get done, and go from there.

7 questions about my journey

When did you become a parent?


How was the 1st night home with your first child?

We had no idea what we were doing! But for us, the hardest transition was when we had our second child, and I had two kids who needed me at once. It was hard to figure out the balance.

What is the hardest thing about being a parent?

Finding peace amidst the chaos and meltdowns is hard. I've found that taking a minute to step away helps me stay calm and helps them regulate their energy around that.

What is a super power you wish you had?


Where is your favorite family vacation spot?

Oahu, Hawaii

What is your favorite thing to do with your kiddo(s)?

We love daily beach days. Basically, it it's a warm enough day, you'll find us surfing and boogie boarding and enjoying the beach.

How do you keep yourself sane with the stress of parenthood?

Know that there is never going to be TRUE balance. Some things have a season to be more dominant in your life, and others will balance around that. Knowing that everything has a season has helped me have a better perspective and create a balance that works for us. Not everything is equal, but recognizing the ebbs and flows helps regulate that stress when it does come.

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