Our Response

This morning, we received an email from Tamara Rubin of Lead Safe Mama. We wanted to publicly acknowledge that we take all feedback seriously and are working hard to validate every claim.

Our manufacturing partner confirmed multiple times that absolutely no lead was used in any part of our production process. We took it a step further and had our cups tested by 2 separate 3rd party US CPSC-accredited labs. CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Our cups have multiple CPCs (Children’s Product Certificates) issued by both accredited labs. This means that these labs tested our products thoroughly for lead, sharp edges, phthalates and other toxins but came back negative for everything.

We are currently researching the concerns raised and are working to identify any necessary actions. In the meantime, we want to reassure our community that the safety and quality of our products are our top priority. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We’re firm believers in radical transparency and, as such, will update this matter as soon as more information becomes available.

If you’re interested in getting a refund, please fill out this form, and we’ll contact you about the next steps.


Max, Soo Jin, and the Cupkin team


  • January 8th, 2023
  • January 9th, 2023
    • We became aware of this posting from Lead Safe Mama and are actively working with their team to understand how they arrived at their findings.
    • We've sent an email to all customers that have been affected.
    • We've removed all instances of "lead-free" in our graphics and marketing for the time being while we research and test all of our current inventory.
  • January 10th, 2023
    • Cupkin.com
      • We've removed all instances of "lead-free" in our graphics and marketing for the time being while we research and test all of our current inventory.
    • Amazon.com
      • We've removed all instances of "lead-free" in our graphics and marketing for the time being while we research and test all of our current inventory.
  • January 11th, 2023
    • Max started having conversations with new manufacturing partners to get a solution in place while our primary manufacturer is currently on holiday until next month.
  • January 12th, 2023
    • Engaged suppliers for quotes to obtain a Handheld/Mobile/Portable XRF Spectrometers to have one on hand to regularly spot test new inventory. We’re expecting to invest $43,000+ into this device with training/certification to use the scanner.
  • January 14th, 2023
    • Max, Soo Jin and the girls got in a car and drove over 3 hours south to meet with Lead Safe Mama in order to test previous generations along with a bunch of competitor products.
  • January 17th, 2023
    • Received confirmation from our testing lab that they did not test the bottom of the cup. We immediately sent out products to the lab so they could run a new test. They will be running 3 different tests.
  • January 18th, 2023
    • Tested tested the top selling household kids cup brands and found lead under the stainless steel discs for every single kids cup brand.
  • January 19th, 2023
    • Notified CPSC that we are aware of the issue and are awaiting official test results from our lab.
    • We outlined a full plan based on the available information and shared contingencies depending on the lab test results.
  • January 20th, 2023
    • Confirmed with a new manufacturer to proceed with manufacturing of 304 grade stainless steel plates with 3M adhesive backing to put on all existing inventory.
  • January 23rd, 2023
    • Followed up with our lab again to get an update for testing. We were told testing would be accomplished no later than Friday 1/27.
  • January 27th, 2023
    • Met with the lab and they performed a couple tests.
    • Surface detection test - They tested the paint and the seal dot with the powder coating in tact. There was zero traces of lead detected.
    • Sub-surface detection test - They used acetone and a scalpel to remove the powder coating at the seal dot and scuff up the seal. Lead was detected.
  • January 29th, 2023
    • Our manufacturers came back into the office from Chinese New Year and we’ve been coordinating on the expedited production of the stainless steel plate.
  • January 30th, 2023
    • The manufacturer said that there will be a 17% increase in our cost to produce cups with 100% lead-free seal balls. We obviously agreed to the increase in price as this was always the original plan to use 100% lead-free seal balls.
  • January 31st, 2023
    • Preparing to send an amended corrective plan of action to the CPSC by EOD.

    Research / Documentation